Roadmap of the Charter

In order to successfully implement the Anti-corruption Charter of Russian business Russian Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, the all-Russian public organization "Business of Russia" and the all-Russian public organization of small and medium business “Support of Russia”, which are its initiators, claim the present regulations governing the terms and conditions of joining to Anticorruption Charter and the implementation of its provisions as an inalienable part of the Addendum to the Charter.


1. The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) , Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (CCI RF), "Business of Russia" and "Support of Russia” are the parties  of the Charter since its signing.

The Charter is open for accession to any entrepreneur or company regardless of their form of ownership, organizational-legal form, scale and business specific, geographic reach, the properties, as well as to the business community organizations.

Individual entrepreneurs, acceding the Charter, are to apply provisions applicable to their business activity only.

Business community organizations are to take all measures to implement the provisions of the Charter by its members in case of the accession to the Charter.

New members made a decision whether to accede to this Charter in accordance with their foundation documents. They can be referred to any initiator of the Charter for the purposes of verification.

RUIE maintain the Register of the Charter Members on the bases of information about new participants, provided by other initiators quarterly.


2. The initiators create the Joint Committee (hereinafter the Committee) in order to create organizational, methodological and information environment for the successful implementation of the Charter in business. They delegate two representatives from each organization to the Committee.

Any initiator may propose to include in the Committee other parties. This initiative must be approved by the Committee.

The Committee makes all decisions regarding its activities on the consensus basis.


3. Each initiator of the Charter        appoints a Co-chair of the Committee among their representatives. Thus the Committee is composed of four Co-chairs, one from each initiator.

Each Co-chair manages the Committee for six months alternately. He chairs the meetings of the Committee, develops the agenda in accordance with proposals of the Committee members.

The members of the Committee who are not members of initiators, does not have a right to serve as Co-Chair of the Committee.

The initiator, holding the Register of the Charter Members performs organization of the Committee meetings.


4. The Committee:

-   develops recommendations in order to ensure the realization of organizational and methodological foundations of the Charter;

-   develops proposals on the application of state measures for encouragement of companies’ anti-corruption practices, taking into account the annual reports, as well as the results of non-financial corporate social reports;

-   defines the rules of placement on the unite electronic resource   official information (regarding register, monitoring results, dispute resolution, etc.);

-   makes decisions on tenders and the order of companies rating, approves distinguishing marks and other measures and encouragement of reputational promotion, defines rules of informational distribution regarding the Charter implementation;

-  analyses and summarizes the information regarding Charter implementation, prepares proposals to supplement the Charter;

-  establishes the procedure and conditions of public confirmation of the Charter provisions implementation, approves a unified form of the certificate for Charter members;

-   adopt the rules of Register of the Charter Members maintenance and monitor the process of its maintenance;

-   makes a decision on the issue of certificates of public confirmation in accordance with nomination of initiator;

-          makes a decision on accreditation of expert centres for public confirmation of companies’ compliance with the principles of the Charter. Nominations of these companies are made by the initiators. These Expert centres may be founded under governance of initiators;

-          makes a decision on termination of membership in the Members Accounting Register for one year period, as well as on the exclusion from the Register of the Charter Members of companies violating its provisions. This decision is to be made based on nomination of the initiators or on the decisions of bodies for the disputes settlement.


5. Disputes settlement related to the violation of the Charter provisions is made by:

-  - Joint Commission on corporate ethics at the RSPP;

-  - Bureau for the rights protection of entrepreneurs and investors at the all-Russian public organization of small and medium business “OPORA ROSSII";

-  - Center of civil procedures "Business against Corruption";

-  - United Service of mediation at the RSPP;

-  - Center of Arbitration and Mediation at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation,

as well as other authorities, defined by the decision of the Committee.

In case of necessity, current regulations of the abovementioned bodies may be supplemented with provisions Chapter including additional bases and responsibilities contributing to implementation of the Charter.


6. On the basis of a common methodology approved by the Committee, each initiator is allowed to organize a public confirmation of implementation of the principles by member companies through involving the organizations, accredited by the Committee.

Based on the conclusion of the public confirmation, Committee decides whether to issue or not a 5-year certificate in accordance with the established procedures. Extension of the certificate upon the request of stakeholders is performed in a according to the same procedure.



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